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Posters, Booklets, Logos, Paper & Magazine Adverts, Brochures, Flyers, Banners, Invitations, Business Cards, Forms


Brochures & Catalogues, Stickers, Flyers, Business Cards, Posters,

Web Design

Web design for desktop and mobile, WordPress, email newsletters, domain name registration, hosting and more.


Photo Retouching & Editing, Restoration, Manipulation

So, do you go u2018do it yourselfu2019 web page or do you get help from someone who really knows what they are doing?nnWell I found CDESSIGN.COM and I could not have imagined a better service. nnNot only was Christian Dess constantly available for my endless questions, but he simply has the savvy of an design artist along with his very obvious IT skills. I highly recommend this delightful creative person to anyone who wants a great website (page) and is happy to let go and allow the creative intervention of someone who knows his stuff. And his pricing is very affordable.

Su Hely


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